Insider’s guide to accessible couture and affordable luxury apparel

Today, runway fashion can be both accessible and affordable. Couture can be easy to wear and comfortable.

Innovative designers and emerging fashion brands are adding a touch of luxe to every day wardrobe staples. To reinvent traditionally casual fashion items, ‘accessible couture’ combines approachable apparel with more exclusive design touches. In this article, we shine a spotlight on Teefamm London. Teefamm brings you a carefully selected unique and contemporary luxury fashion line-up, which offers a refreshing reflection of modern tastes at affordable prices.

Today, runway fashion can be both accessible and affordable. Couture can be easy to wear and comfortable. If high-end luxury fashion that you can wear everyday sounds just the ticket, read on. Let’s take a look at the best of accessible luxury fashion in 2019.

What makes couture accessible?

If you’ve always looked on enviously at couture style with the feeling that it’s not a practical choice for you, this article might just change your fashion life. We’ve unearthed a selection of affordable contemporary couture classics that will earn nods of approval from style watchers everywhere, from the catwalk to the high street. But what are the elements and factors that you should be aware of to make sure you’re getting couture which is accessible?

Three key elements of everyday couture


Traditionally, the most obvious barrier between many fashion shoppers and the finest couture was, of course, the hefty price tag. Fortunately today, for the cost-conscious fashionista, we live in the internet age. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that the world wide web has revolutionised the way we shop. When the high streets of the world are just a click or two away, today’s fashion retailers are fiercely competing for your business. Competition online is just as fierce in the luxury market as it is in mass market high street fashion. The good news for shoppers is that the fierce competition has driven down prices, bringing fine luxury fashion within reach for those of us with more modest budgets.

To bag yourself an incredible luxury bargain these days, all you need is to make a few simple Google searches. Just type terms like ‘affordable luxury apparel’ or ‘cheap designer shoes’ into the search engine, and luxury retailers from around the globe are literally lining up to grab your attention with the lowest prices.

To illustrate the kind of value you can find in luxury shoes for example, we love these Menbur Peach Platform High Heel Sandals from Teefamm. Menbur is renowned as a leading label in evening and bridal footwear. The gorgeous platform sandals below are around half price at the time of writing, at just £48 down from £70.

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Of course, it’s quality and refinement that separates luxury couture from standard rail stock. To truly wear the couture label, the item has to be made with high quality materials. To highlight the type of item that combines high quality materials, Italian leather and expert craftsmanship, we’ve picked out this 100% Made In Italy Tote Bag from Teefamm. If you’re ready to impress, whether in the office or out to dinner, you can be sure to attract the right kind of attention with a bag like this –

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Fine details

The couture aspect of a luxury item must be seen in the fine details. In couture shoes, it’s the details on the shoes which make the difference, such as laces, metal accents, zippers or flaps. In couture clothing, pick out finer details such as delicately decorated lace sleeves, ruffle crew necks, shape enhancing flared wastes or attention-grabbing jewelled bodices. In the women’s luxury clothing line-up at Teefamm, you will find items adorning those delightful fine details and many more. We’ve picked out this Blue Knee Length Turtleneck Dress With Jewelled Bodice, to illustrate those little magic touches that make the luxe difference.

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Discover Affordable Luxury Clothing & Comfortable Couture At Teefamm London

The team at Teefamm London worked at some of the world’s leading fashion retail houses for many years, including such prestigious stores as Harrods, Selfridges and Dickson & Jones. All of that high-end knowledge and experience has been channelled into running their very own boutique Since 2009, Teefamm has offered a carefully selected line up of luxury fashion, inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world. What’s more, they guarantee that their contemporary couture is easy to wear and comfortable.

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